You could call us a spark. A spark of hope in times of need, maybe, but most importantly the spark that lights the fuse. We believe in creating ideas to believe in – and bringing them to life. Great ideas are the raw fuel of any effective strategy, campaign or communicative solution. We strive to create both short-term buzz and long-term solutions for your business through good thinking and the energy of pure enthusiasm.

The right partnerships boost a brand’s reputation and visibility. We make those partnerships happen. We make a lot of other things happen, as well. As a matter of fact, making things happen is our greatest skill, and the very core of our – and hopefully also your – business.

In contrast to our competitors, we don’t believe in the traditional hush-hush approach. Any case will be tackled with great enthusiasm, energy and creativity. If you challenge us, you might get a result that will trump your own expectations.

We will make a thorough analysis of where and who you are today, listen to your needs and develop a strategy to help you reach your goals. We’ll get you there.


This is how we operate


Network and connect with people who will enhance and amplify your business.


Stay relevant through events such as press previews, product launches, pop-up shops, opening parties, etcetera.

Social media

A brand’s social media is usually what reaches the customer first. Strong brands have well crafted content, which is why we put great effort in social media management, seeding and strategy development.

Influencer programs

Identifying and reaching key influencers who are relevant to your audiences is… well, key. Word of mouth campaigns, a custom influencer/brand ambassador program, and influencer seeding can help you with that.

Media relations

We communicate your messages to a broad range of media outlets including websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers and TV.


We know who’s someone. We keep track of current press, stylists, celebrities and tastemakers, to help you with celebrity stylist outreach, celebrity procurement and endorsements.

Our Clients